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The Belew Drug Family of Pharmacies experience is like none other.  Locally owned and family-run, we know that personal attention to each patient is the only way to achieve excellence. We have held on to that practice while evolving our pharmacies to suit our patient's wants and needs. Celebrating 55 years in business and now with 4 locations, we are Knoxville’s most trusted local independent pharmacy.

Belew Drug is dedicated to the health and education of the youth in our community, Belew Gives Back! We offer free children's chewable multi-vitamins on an ongoing basis. In addition, we sponsor various school sports teams, art programs as well as our local chapter of the Boys Scouts of America.

Belew Gives Back to the community whenever possible. We have provided, since 2012, the Precision Pak™, a new easy to open, easy-to-read packaging system for prescriptions.  We have a Registered Nurse on staff dedicated to the patients in the Precision Pak™ program to answer any questions or concerns. We package and deliver each customized Precision Pak™ to customers at no additional charge under our Belew Gives Back initiative

Over the years we’ve seen how much our customer's health can benefit with a little extra care and attention. We started our EZ Sync Rx™ program to do just that. We call to remind people of upcoming refills, needed immunizations, collect any requested over-the-counter items, and help coordinate prescription pick-ups to reduce trips to the pharmacy. We also have a PCAB accredited compounding lab that can customize medications to the specific needs of the individuals.

We also offer custom fittings of diabetic shoes. We have a certified fitter on staff to make sure you are expertly fit and all your questions are answered.  Medicare beneficiaries are eligible for a pair of shoes each year.

Belew Drug is an independent, family-owned pharmacy that has been a staple in the Knoxville community since 1965. The original location was founded over 55 years ago, by Len C. Belew in the historic Broadway Shopping Center. It is still in full operation today and currently operated by Len's son David H. Belew alongside David's wife Amy Belew. There are 3 additional locations, Belew Drug Asheville Highway, Belew Drug Washington Pike, and Belew Drug Choto.

Belew Drug is a full-service pharmacy and proud to be an independent Good Neighbor Pharmacy, we offer personalized service and competitive prices. We accept almost all major insurance. Walk-in immunizations, diabetic shoe fittings, and other specialized services enhance our patient's quality of life!




President and CEO

I love being able to help care for our community which has taken care of my family for 56 years. It is an honor and very humbling that our neighbors trust us to assist in managing their healthcare.




I like that compounding is a unique aspect of pharmacy. Requires creativity and high attention to detail, and provides patients with a level of personal treatment they wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive.



Pharmacist-In-Charge Choto

One of my favorite parts about being a pharmacist is developing relationships with my patients. I have been at our Choto location since its opening in November 2017. We have patients that transferred to the pharmacy shortly after opening and I have enjoyed watching their families grow and their lives change. I am so thankful they chose me to be their neighborhood pharmacist and trust me with their healthcare needs.



Choto and Precision Pak

I love being able to help people manage their meds better with the Pak program. It is great helping patients by making sure all their meds are brought to them in an easy-to-administer pouch and all their questions answered.



Director of Pharmacy Services, Partner at Washington Pike 

I believe in providing personalized care on a level that makes our patients feel supported and known. I also enjoy supporting our other pharmacists in their roles so they can be successful and do what they do best, patient care.



Asheville Highway and Choto

I love working for Belew’s because of the personalized care we can give our patients. Also, I love all the people I get to work for, they genuinely care for each other and all of our patients- you just don’t see that much anymore.



Owner and Head of Precsion Pak

 I love working in the Precision Pak Program because I get to see how patients' health outcomes improve when they start taking their meds like they are prescribed. The caregivers of the patients also say that it makes their lives easier when the meds are already sorted for them. That's also great to hear.




 I enjoy being a pharmacist because of the opportunity it gives me to help patients and get to know them for their medication needs and personal lives. It is an honor to be able to work in a community setting that allows me to form relationships with the patients I serve.



Pharmacist-In-Charge at Washington Pike 

I enjoy working for Belew because it gives me a chance to build meaningful relationships with my patients. Working here gives me the ability to get to know a majority of my patients on a first-name basis. The fact that they know my name and trust me with their medication and healthcare makes me proud to serve them and be a member of this wonderful Belew family.



Pharmacist-In-Charge Broadway

 I love the face to face, highly personal, long-standing, caring interactions and relationships that we at Belew Drugs have with our patients and community.



Pharmacist-In-Charge- Asheville Highway,

Director of Clinical Services

 I love being part of the team at Belew Drug. I always knew I wanted to serve my community at an independent pharmacy, so that I could make the greatest impact on the lives of my patients with the innovation and flexibility that David and Amy support. I feel that we can always be on the front lines of patient care while also being the neighbor you can count on.

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