As far as the website goes, I will do my best below to communicate clearly what sections we would keep and what would be condensed into 1 page from multiple sub-pages.


Home page

  • Promotion of the mobile app is nice, but not necessary,

  • Slide show is nice and I would like to keep maybe a 5 rotator slide with links to landing pages

  • All social media links at the top or conveniently located on the home page

  • All locations information on home page.  Name, address, phone, fax, and hours of operation.

  • Blog not needed, nor twitter feed.

  • Perhaps some small text about us and our history.

  • Embedded RxLocal login/signup that would take customers to their website for completion


My Pharmacy

  • About us we can keep

  • Service – condense; Diabetic shoe fitting, immunizations, flu & strep test, wellness lab, compounding (hrt & general)

  • Programs/Products – condense; 6/12 program, Diabetes care club, ez sync, ed drug, and cbd oil.  Get rid of loyalty program and substance abuse and recovery

  • I would like Precision Pak to have its own page, if possible.  It’s a big part of our business and I would like to give more information on it to potential consumers.



  • A link to the third party rxlocal site to sign up/in.

  • New patient/transfer request can be condensed down to one form

    • Form should collect following information – select location, first and last name, full address, email, phone number, birth date, allergies and IF a transfer request, previous pharmacy name and number and rx numbers to be transferred and lastly a misc spot to leave any sort of message to the pharmacist/staff.


Patient resources goes away

Contact is fine.  – I would like to keep the newsletter sign up to collect email address and then dump them into our mail chimp account.


I feel like that is a pretty good start.  Obviously, we will have to choose images for certain pages that can be new and some I would like to keep.  Also, I understand condensing and providing what text we want under the my pharmacy section for each the services.


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