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Your prescriptions will be filled and packaged every 28 or 30 days. We can also fill any other medication, such as inhalers or diabetic supplies.


Your health coach will call you a week before filling your prescriptions to confirm any medication changes.


Any supplements you take can also be packaged with your medications.

How Precision Pak™


The Precision Pak program is staffed with health coaches who work closely with our patients and providers.



Our health coaches call Precision Pak patients monthly to remove any barriers to medication adherence proactively. This will ensure that your medication will be delivered to you on the date we have scheduled.


Health coaches also work directly with your healthcare provider (where allowed) to address any medication concerns patients are experiencing. Our health coaches can also communicate with the healthcare provider and their staff on your behalf when refill requests are needed.

What is the 
Precision Pak™ Program?

The Precision Pak™ is Belew Drug’s personalized program designed specifically to help you properly manage your medications and to ensure you are taking the right medication the right way, at the right time.

What are the benefits of Precision Pak™ ?

  • Peace of mind, we manage your medications so you can live your life!

  • It’s easy! No more fumbling with numerous prescription bottles!

  • Say goodbye to struggling with pill organizers! Each package you receive from us will be divided into easy-to-tear dosage packs labeled with the day and time you should take your medication.

  • These packs are wrapped individually, making them convenient for travel or to roll up and store in a secure location such as a medicine cabinet.

  • You will have a personal health coach!

  • The program is free and covers packaging and delivery when filling medications through Belew Drug. Regular copay applies.


Meet The Team

amy color.jpg

Amy Pharmacist


Mandi Pharmacist

Toni color.jpg

Registered Nurse

Rachel color .jpg

Certified Pharmacy Technician


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