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Wart Removal

Hello again from the Compound Lab! Our section on pet meds is done (unfortunately), but there’s still plenty more of compounding to cover!This week, I wanted to focus on a condition that most of us have dealt with or we know someone who has: warts.A typical wart is caused by a virus, which causes an overgrowth of skin in the area it has affected. They can range in size and location, which is why some are barely noticeable while others can severely disrupt your life. There are multiple ways warts can be treated, but depending on the stubbornness of the wart, not every option will work equally well. Some options don’t work at all, while other options work… but only temporarily. It’s no fun when you thought you’ve eliminated a wart just to have it return later (or even worse… when it spreads!).If you have tried OTC options or other home remedies without success, your doctor may recommend you use a stronger option. Surgical removal of warts can sometimes be done—but these procedures are often painful and can take weeks to fully heal.A better option may be to use our compound wart treatment. It combines two ingredients (fluorouracil & salicylic acid) into a powerful anti-wart gel. The salicylic acid removes the skin overgrowth from the wart, while the fluorouracil targets the source virus directly. And best of all—unlike with surgery, it’s pain free & you don’t have a weeks-long healing process to worry about!If you’re interested in trying this, check with your primary care provider or dermatologist to see if this compound would be a good fit for you!As always, we're available in the lab Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Or you can email me anytime at We’d love to hear from you!

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