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About Dr. Brandon Ladage

Hello again from the Compound Lab! We’ve spent quite a bit of time on the medicinal side of compounding since I started, but I also wanted to spend a few weeks to highlight the people here in the lab: Hunter, Lindsey, and myself. Unlike chain pharmacies, where you may never see the same face twice, the three of us have about a decade of combined experience compounding/working at Belew Drug. We create a fun & supportive environment for each other, which reflects in the quality of our compounding & customer service.This week, I’ll formally introduce myself. Obviously, I’m not a new face, having authored several of these posts by this point. But I wanted to share a bit about myself, rather than just the compounds I make.I’ve been in Knoxville working as a pharmacist for over seven years now and compounding full-time for five of those years. While I enjoy working as a traditional pharmacist, I absolutely love compounding. It requires pharmaceutical knowledge, critical thinking, and strong math skills, but compounding also challenges my creative side in engaging ways.Developing a formula for Belew’s Gentle Skin Cleanser has been one of my recent highlights (more on this new product to come!), but almost every day involves some form of creative problem-solving.My absolute favorite part of compounding though is when we provide a compound for someone who had given up on finding treatment—and then they find our compound works better than they had imagined. There’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve made such a concrete difference in someone’s life.Next week we’ll be featuring Lindsey, so stay tuned!As always, we're available in the lab Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Or you can email me anytime at

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