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Exotic Animals

Hello again from the Compound Lab!Today, I wanted to bring up another aspect of vet compounding that you may not have thought about: exotic animal compounding.Most of the compounds we make for pets are for cats and dogs, but we can also compound for other animals too! We’ve made medicines for guinea pigs, birds, lizards, and even less common animals like seahorses and monkeys.As you might guess, many of these exotic animals have their own special needs. With compounding, though, we can prepare medicines in several dosage forms and flavors, so even with exotic pets, odds are that we can find something that works for them too!If you have an exotic pet that needs medicine, and you’re tired of overpaying for it or going through the hassle of getting it from a non-local pharmacy, please check with us instead!As always, we're available in the lab Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Or you can email me anytime at We’d love to hear from you!

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PS-- The picture attached to this week’s post shows a finger-painting that comes from a gibbon at the Knoxville Zoo. The zoo staff gave us the painting as a ‘thank-you’ from the gibbon after we prepared a compound for them. It’s still one of our favorite compounding moments.

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