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Rx vs Compounding Skin Treatments

Hello again from the Compound Lab!

Cosmetic skin treatment is a multi-billion dollar industry that you are all no doubt very familiar with. Commercials for wrinkle creams, hydrating lotions, etc are everywhere... but did you know there are prescription-only cosmetic skin treatments too?

People may decide to go with Rx-only treatments if they found OTC options didn't work for them... or if they were trying to treat a less common skin issue. Unfortunately, many Rx skin-treatments have high copays--if they're covered by insurance at all. Another complicating factor is that some conditions require multiple products for an effective treatment, which drives costs even higher. Finally, even if there affordable options, those options may not be at the ideal strength for every skin condition.

Compounding can solve all of these problems. Many skin-related compounds are cheaper than their traditional counterparts--plus we can combine multiple active ingredients into a single product, saving you even more money. Finally, our compounds can also be customized to fit any type of skin: dry or oily, sensitive or in need of extra treatment--we've got you covered!

As always, we're available in the lab Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Or you can email me anytime at We’d love to hear from you!

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